Pavel Vavilov Studio is cinematographic animation filmmaking and architectural visual communication practice established in 2015 by Pavel Vavilov.

The studio operates on the projects across The United Kingdom, Canada, China, The United Arab Emirates, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, France, The Netherlands, The United States, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.

We produce films through the prism of cinematography, a kind of essence of poetry, impressive quality and charming aesthetics.


Pavel Vavilov
Founder & Creative Director

Oleg Kuchmin
Lead Architectural Filmmaker

Max Kaznin
Lead Architectural Filmmaker

Vadim Koykov
Lead Architectural Filmmaker

Vova Revin
Lead Architectural Filmmaker


Pavel Vavilov Studio

Sharjah Media City, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates